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BACKGROUND Stress is a feature of the life of nursing students and this had been well studied. However, there are very few instruments to measure stress in nursing students specifically. One such instrument, the Stressors in Nursing Students Scale has been developed in Scotland and applied in studies in Hong Kong and Australia and proved useful alongside(More)
Eearthquake affecting coefficient is a main parameter of earthquake response spectra, which is the foundation of seismic microzonation and design of earthquake resistant structures. Because the distribution of the maximum of earthquake affecting coefficient is controlled by both basement rock and site condition, the relationship between the maximum of(More)
GIS-based Multi-Criteria Evaluation (MCE) method is the foundation of decision-making analysis for land use suitability evaluation, and Weighted Linear Combination (WLC) is a basic method of multi-criteria evaluation. The most important of WLC method is the calculation of factor weights. The application of Analytical Hierarchy Program (AHP) is analyzed to(More)
Because the damage of pipeline is controlled by many factors, such as fault movement, pipe-soil interaction, buried depth, etc., the relationship between pipeline damage and influencing factors is complicated. In order to predict the pipeline damage, predictive model is constructed on the basis of artificial neural network (ANN), in which the damage of(More)
The existing P2P access control strategy literatures are researched mainly reputation value with trust mechanism, and are discussed less to involve the problem of the information confidentiality and integrity. In this regard, the classifications, and the integrality grade, the interest value, and the reputation grade, of the subject and of the object are(More)
Data share and publication of disaster prevention information is in urgent need, and WebGIS resolution of management information system (MIS) is the main problems for Internet publication. Through analyzing the technique function of WebGIS and the character of information publication, management information system of disaster prevention is investigated. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the clinical application of flow-through deep inferior epigastric perforator flaps for reconstruction of large defects at the extremities. METHODS The deep inferior and superior epigastric arteries were designed as the axial vessel and the arterial supply to the flap was the paraumbilical perforator artery. Free deep inferior(More)
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