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Megasporogenesis, Microporogenesis and Formation of Female and Male Gametophyte of Catalpa specioca
The megasporogenesis, microsporogenesis and formation of female and male gametophyte of Catalpa specioca were observed using conventional paraffin section technology. The results showed that eachExpand
Analysis on surgical treatment of benign hepatic focal nodular hyperplasia
Laroscopic operation in the treatment of benign hepatic focal nodular hyperplasia can reduce the influence on liver function, which is worthy of popularization and application. Expand
New Blade Type Hydrodynamic Coupler
Hydraulic coupling is through the oil liquid momentum cycle changes to realize power transmission. The power transfer must be dependent on the revolutional slip, the transmission element based on theExpand
The Long-Term Survival and the Risks of Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators Recipients with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy
Despite of the irreplaceable role in prevention of SCD, the high incidence of implant-related complications, adverse events and progressing of heart failure result in poor improvement in long-term cardiovascular mortality in ICD recipients. Expand
Analysis on the Causes of the Leakage Accidence of Hot-water Boiler
This paper introduces the basic situation of the leakage accidence of hot-water boiler, analyzes on the causes of the leakage accidence of hot-water boiler and its corrosion principle, and putsExpand
Preliminary study on the settlement campus
Based on the organic pattern of the traditional settlement,the author puts forward the concept of the settlement campus,analyzes the morphological characteristics and the design principle of theExpand
Study on Trace Lead in Stainless Steel by GF-AAS with Standard Addition
A method for the determination of trace lead in stainless steel was developed. The operation parameters by GF- AAS with standard addition,the influence of matrix,and coexisting elements were studiedExpand
The clinical observation on self-controlled conscious-sedation with tramadol and droperidol in Senile cataract surgery
Conscious-sedation with tramadol and droperidol is safe, effective and comfortable in senile cataract surgery. Expand
Enlightenment of CAS theory for promoting the complication of the campus
This paper attempts to expound the thinking and method of flexible planning around structure of the campus planning in order to provide an optional way for campus studies and planning. Expand
Analysis of College Students' Dormitory Culture Construction
On the university students dormitory culture construction, the paper expounds the connotation of college students' dormitory culture, analyses the problems existing in the current college studentsExpand