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Loess in Kunlun Mountains and its implications on desert development and Tibetan Plateau uplift in west China
Loess on the northern slope of Kunlun Mountains is the synchronous deposition of the Taklimakan Desert. The paleomagnetism and climatic records of an over 80 m loess-paleosol sequence on the highestExpand
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Analysis of the sand-stormy weather in Lanzhou during the spring of 2002
Asian dust storms carry a large amount of particles from desert areas. The aim of this study is to retrieve data by sampling under different atmospheric conditions such as sand-blowing and dust stormExpand
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An 8.1Ma calcite record of Asian summer monsoon evolution on the Chinese central Loess Plateau
Carbonates in loess-red clay sequences consist mainly of calcite and dolomite. The EDTA analysis of carbonates in different size fractions and magnetic susceptibility reveal that calcite is aExpand
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Rational Regulating Groundwater Depth to Transform Precipitation into Available Water Resources
The eastern part of North China Plain is short of water resources,exploit shallow groundwater including brackish and semi-saline water for drought combat and irrigation,regulating groundwater depthExpand
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Chromosomal Structural Variation in Long-term Cultures of Triticum aestivum L.
The chromosomal structural variation of the calli of Triticum aestivum L.cultured for 12.5 years were investigated and compared with that cultured for 1.5-8.6 years.It was showed that the types ofExpand
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The Influences of Global Financial Crisis on China's Inbound Tourism and Its Countermeasures
The global financial crisis and economic recession had brought about significant negative impact on China's inbound tourism industry. The number of inbound tourists from Hong Kong,Macao,Taiwan,SouthExpand
The Change and Guide Correction of the Concept of Marriage and Child Rearing of Migrant Workers
Two generations of peasant workers' growth course is very good to deduce the concept of marriage and child rearing of Chinese workers.They changed the concept of Love,Mating view,MatrimonyExpand
Study of speedy plant conversion by tissue culture in Anans comosus cv Variegata
The results of the study of speedy plant conversion and tissue culture of the Anans comosus cv Variegata show that if the proper and improved MS substratum is picked out, the tufted sprouts can beExpand