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Nutrients from spikelet phloem are commonly delivered to endosperm via caryopsis nutrient transfer tissues (NTTs). Elucidation of NTTs development is paramount to developing an understanding of the control of assimilate partitioning. Little information was available on the structural development of the entire NTTs and their functions, particularly those(More)
The emerging mobile wireless environment poses exciting challenges for distributed fault tolerant (FT) computing. This term paper first proposes a message logging and recovery protocol on the top of Telecom Wireless CORBA and FT-CORBA architectures. It uses the storage available at the Access Bridge as the stable storage to log messages and checkpoints on(More)
In order to reduce the cost and complexity of the camera calibration, a new easy technique for the calibration of camera based on conjugate points is proposed. The proposed technique only requires the camera to observe a newly designed planar calibration pattern which only includes a rectangle, at least six different unknown orientations, and then all the(More)
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