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As traditional network security cannot meet the security requirements, the international research shows that network security is on the way to Trustworthy Internet and that the trustworthy issue becomes a hot topic in the future Internet. Trust evaluation of users’ behavior is an important part of Trustworthy Internet and a rational trust model(More)
— In this paper, we propose a model named Logical Markov Decision Processes with Negation for Relational Reinforcement Learning for applying Reinforcement Learning algorithms on the relational domains with the states and actions in relational form. In the model, the logical negation is represented explicitly, so that the abstract state space can be(More)
In order to solve the non-contact three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine accuracy calibration problem, a device used to verify the standard model of non-contact three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine. The technical solution adopted is the isosceles triangle layout of three same height plinth set the composite benchmark testing body, rod and(More)
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