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When Multi-DSP parallel architecture transfers to distributed memory way from shared memory way, its parallelism with fine-grained become weak, and it's difficult to offer SIFT's complex computing and satisfy the need of real-time. In the paper, a parallel algorithm, based on distributed shared memory architecture with homogeneous Multi-core DSP, referring(More)
A model of piezoelectric actuator with hysteresis has been built in this paper with Prandtle-Ishlinskii model. After that, a radial basis function (RBF) neural network based adaptive inverse control scheme for nonlinear systems with unknown hysteresis nonlinearity is developed. A nonlinear filter based on RBF neural networks is used in hysteresis inverse(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies suggested that expression of cyclin-dependent kinase 5 (CDK5) may promote the migration and invasion of human glioma cells. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the clinical value of CDK5 in different grades of glioma in relation to Ki-67 labeling index (LI). METHODS We firstly assessed by immunohistochemistry the expression of(More)
The relationship between the zero bias stability of MEMS gyroscope and the variance of MEMS gyroscope signal is analyzed in this paper, what's more, Wavelet transform and time series method are adopted here to reduce the gyroscope random drift, after that, the value of zero bias stability of the original signal and the filtered signal are calculated. The(More)
Aiming at the slow dynamic response and the chattering problem from conventional exponential reaching law sliding mode applied in permanent magnet synchronous motor vector control in current loop, firstly this paper used weighted integral type sliding mode control algorithm to design the current loop controller. For the second step, the stability of the(More)
—In order to detect grid harmonic and reactive current precisely and real time, this paper arrived at a method of harmonic and reactive current real-time detection applied to active power filter based on the three-phase circuit instantaneous reactive power theory. With Matlab simulation software, researches on simulation of harmonic detection means are(More)
This paper presents a new method for large range and high resolution force measurement. Unlike conventional strain-gauge-based force measurement, our method measures an external force through measuring the displacement of a movable member suspended by a compliant mechanism. The compliant mechanism is specially design to have two different stiffness values(More)
In this paper, we introduced the primary problem of common DC-DC converters which are used in complex environments and the design of robust controller for a buck converter in the same environment. The results of simulation showed that even in complex environmental conditions, the converter can still have good performance and stability. The robust design of(More)
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