Chen Weimin

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The expression of p16 gene in normal salivary acini, benign tumors and carcinomas were microscopically and quantitatively observed by using immunohistochemical method LSAB and CMIASWIN methods. The expression of p16 gene were found in all 3 groups. The positive unit (PU) was higher in tumor group and cancer group than that in normal group (P<0. 01).(More)
By using distraction osteogenesis technique, 3 cases of mandibular hypoplasia were treated by home-made and German-made jaw distractors: including one patient suffered from bilateral ankylosis of temporo-mandibular joint and 2 patients from deficiency of mandible. The duration of distraction osteogenesis was one month. The bone distractor was removed 3(More)
As water transporters, aquaporins (AQPs) are closely related to other membrane transporters, and water permeability in cell may contribute to chemosensitivity of tumor. To understand the correlation between AQPs and cisplatin (DDP) sensitivity to ovarian cancer cells, effects of DDP on AQPs expression were detected in vitro, and chemosensitivity of DDP was(More)
The distribution and function of transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) in the region of bone defect repaired by collagen/nano-beta-tricalcium phosphate composite artificial bone (Co/N-TCP) and the ability of Co/N-TCP recruiting osteoblasts to precipitate the repair of bone defect were investigated. Twenty-four domestic rabbits were operated on bilateral(More)
Water may access to hydraulic and lubricant system due to various reasons, so the lubricant oil in hydraulic system will be out of work for high water-in-oil percentage. Traditional measuring instruments for water-in-oil percentage have slower response-time and higher costs. The principle of water-in-oil percentage detection, capacitance to voltage signal(More)
Target flow meter is commonly used for measuring flow, but there are many shortcomings of the traditional target flow meter, such as complex mechanical structure, low sensitivity and changing flow coefficient with small-flow, and so on. This paper describes the principle of the sensors about the Target flow meter and introduces a modification method of flow(More)
Facial bone, as the frame to support maxillofacial region and with several sinuses and cavities, is structurally complicated and the maxillofacial tumors, benign or malignant, in this region usually grows into the deep tissues, sinus-cavities and orbit and destroys the bone. In this study, the maxillofacial tumors were subjected to a mimic operation on a(More)
To investigate the relationship between proliferative capacity of salivary gland cells in contiguous acini of parotid tumors and recurrent neoplasma, DNA contents of 30 fresh specimens of parotid were studied by using cytometry in tumors, normal and shallow or deep lobe acini of the masses. The results showed that the DI was 1.369, S % 16.95, PI 26.18 in(More)
To treat large facial defect (more than 6 cm×4 cm in diameter) or a wound with bone exposure to atmosphere by less-traumatic, easier-healing reconstruction method, a pedicle flap inducing facial, neck, posterior auricle and occipital skin flap was designed and transferred, one by one, to repair facial defect as well as other flap donor sites, but occipital(More)
Presented in this paper is a clinico-pathological report of 11 cases of gingival fibromatosis. Of the 11 patients in our series, 2 cases (18. 2 %) with family history began to have symptom from age of 3, which is manifested by the involvement of whole gum. 9 patients (81.8 %), for which the etiology was unknown, had onset of the disease at the periods of(More)