Chen-Wei Lee

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This work proposes an adaptive unequal error protection (UEP) and packet size assignment scheme for scalable video transmission over a burst-error channel. An analytic model is developed to evaluate the impact of channel bit error rate on the quality of streaming scalable video. A video transmission scheme, which combines the adaptive assignment of packet(More)
The transmission of WLAN could easily suffer from multi-path or noise interference, which in turn leads to packet loss and the subsequent need of retransmission; moreover, these phenomena could easily lead to the decrease in video transmission quality of some delay-sensitive multimedia applications. Therefore, how to improve the video transmission in WLAN(More)
The transmission of multimedia data over WLAN is going to be an unavoidable trend. When packet is transmitted over wireless network, small packet length will increase the header overhead and long packet length will tend to increase the packet error rate. In this article, an adaptive video transmission mechanism under WLAN is proposed. The optimal packet(More)
Conventional linear ion trap mass analyzers (LIT-MS) provide high ion capacity and show their MS n ability; however, the detection of high mass ions is still challenging because LIT-MS with secondary electron detectors (SED) cannot detect high mass ions. To detect high mass ions, we coupled a charge detector (CD) to a rectilinear ion trap mass spectrometer(More)