Chen-Wei Fan

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The purpose of the study was to investigate whether proximity to nuclear power plants may increase the risk of abnormal pregnant outcomes among the resident women. In this ecological study, data were used from the Health Services Birth Reports Database established by the Bureau of Health Promotion, National Department of Health, Taiwan, in 2001-2004.(More)
With the growing demand for distributing digital media contents, the issues of protecting the rights of digital contents are becoming more and more important. In this paper, we introduce the MPEG-4 IPMPX (Intellectual Property Management and Protection Extension) specifications and design its implementation architecture on the MPEG-21 Multimedia Test Bed.(More)
We introduce a hybrid backlight module, which consists of a hybrid light guide plate (HLGP) and a brightness enhancement film (BEF). The HLGP comprises functions of a conventional light guide plate, a reflector, and a BEF. The HLGP allows one-dimensional rays to be collimated. We add a BEF above the HLGP, and let the crossed-dimension rays to be collimated.(More)
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