Chen-Tung Lin

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Complexity of advanced chip designs is driving the progress of ESL methodology. SystemC, with its mature C++ language environment and the availability of public tools, is quickly becoming the de facto ESL language. In this paper, we demonstrate the methodology by microprocessor modeling with systemC. Various abstraction levels and the corresponding purposes(More)
With process variability increasing in advanced processes, it becomes more challenging to diagnose or debug a low-yield problem. For finding out the root causes of a low-yield problem, currently we rely on limited process data provided by foundries or diagnosis tools and physical failure analysis (PFA). Only relying on defect diagnosis analysis and PFA is(More)
Hoarseness attributed to vocal cord palsy is associated with injury to the recurrent laryngeal nerve. Hoarseness resulting from left recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy, cardiovocal syndrome (Ortner's syndrome), has rarely been reported. We present the case of a 79-year-old male suffering from hoarseness in the absence of significant clinical manifestations. A(More)
In modern SoCs, process variations represented as process corners, which designers deal with sufficient design margins. As feature sizes shrink below 90 nm, the effects of process variations are also increasing severely. Moreover, circuit performance and power consumption are strongly impacted by environmental conditions under which the circuit operates.(More)
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