Chen Shuang

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Objective. To evaluate vitamin D status and serum parathyroid hormone (IPTH) of healthy adults living in Guiyang. Design and Participants. We conducted a cross-sectional evaluation in the General Community in Guiyang by cluster sampling method. The data was a part of 1510 participants (634 men, 876 women) aged 20-79 years median 45.2 years from November(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer is a polygenetic disorder with a complex inheritance pattern. Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), the most common genetic variations, influence not only phenotypic traits, but also interindividual predisposition to disease, treatment outcomes with drugs and disease prognosis. The co-stimulatory molecule CD40 plays a prominent(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The application of a fluid-attenuated inversion-recovery pulse with a conventional diffusion-weighted MRI sequence (FLAIR DWI) decreases the partial volume effects from cerebrospinal fluid on apparent diffusion coefficient (ADC) measurements. For this reason, FLAIR DWI may be more useful in the evaluation of ischemic stroke, but few(More)
PURPOSE Intracranial hemangiopericytomas (HPCs) are rare, and they have a tendency for local recurrence and metastases. The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationship between CT perfusion (CTP) parameters and microvessel density (MVD) of HPCs and compare CTP parameters in parenchyma and peritumoral edema of HPCs. MATERIALS AND METHODS The(More)
OX40L is an important costimulatory molecule that plays a crucial role in the regulation of T-cell-mediated immunity. The interaction of OX40-OX40L is involved in the pathogenesis of multiple autoimmune and inflammatory diseases such as systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), carotid artery disease and cancer. The genetic variants of OX40L can increase the risk(More)
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