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Current clinical and translational studies have shown that mast cell plays a pivotal role in multiple fibrotic diseases including scleroderma. However, the lack of mature human mast cell culture model exhibits a major obstacle for further dissection of cytokines and signaling molecules required for mast cell mediated fibrosis in various diseases. Macrophage(More)
Non-expressor of pathogenesis-related protein 1 (NPR1) is a transcriptional factor of systemic acquired resistance in plants. In our previous study, a cDNA representing a NPR1 gene (designated NPR1) was screened to be responsive to the infection of Verticillium dahliae (V. dahliae) by the method of cDNA-amplified restriction fragment polymorphism(More)
We evaluated the clinical significance of the combined use of mammography + ultrasound as a new breast screening strategy. The inclusion criteria were: (1) females aged >40yrs; (2) breast cancer diagnosis by the breast image screening personnel at FUSCC; (3) screening by both ultrasound and mammography; (4) mammographic/sonographic images analyzed(More)
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