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Due to their simplicity and versatility, block diagrams are widely used by control engineers to model all types of dynamic systems. The complexity of a block diagram is in general caused by the existence of summing/pickoff points within a loop. A novel concept, the main/branch stream concept and the corresponding shifting rule for the relocation of(More)
In this paper, the profession, culture, resource, strategy and organization relationship were considered as the contextual factors to analyze the project knowledge transferring. A context-based model, in which the project knowledge was divided into three patterns, was established. The method based on Host Context Model Tree was applied to evaluate the(More)
At present, the project success rate is generally far from satisfaction in China and overseas, in the meanwhile, the losses and wastes of projects are serious. One of the reasons for them is that knowledge management is not applied or improperly applied in the project management. In this paper, the different classifications of knowledge and expression(More)
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