Chen Makranz

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OBJECTIVE To describe the clinical presentation and unique neurologic manifestations of sandfly viruses (SFVs) in the Jerusalem area. METHODS We identified all patients with acute seroconversion to SFV at the Hadassah-Hebrew University Medical Centers during the years 2008-2013 and retrospectively collected and analyzed the clinical and imaging data. (More)
Exertional heat stroke (EHS) is a life-threatening condition, which deteriorates rapidly. Immediate cooling treatment can, therefore, be life saving. Over the past two winters, we witnessed three cases of hypothermia resulting from treatment of suspected EHS. Since no such cases were described in the literature before, we, therefore, in this study present(More)
During exercise certain metabolic and physiological processes influence fluid and electrolyte balance. Fluid loss, mostly through sweating, that is not properly compensated for by drinking, may result in dehydration. Clinical manifestations of dehydration depend on the amount of fluid lost. The more severe the level of dehydration is, the greater the(More)
INTRODUCTION Exertional heat stroke (EHS) is the most dangerous heat-related injury. EHS may be followed by a state of heat intolerance. The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) performs heat tolerance tests (HTT) to all heat injury victims 6-8 wk following injury as part of the "return to duty" process. The HTT protocol and normal values are based on vast(More)
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