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In this paper we propose a novel model “recursive directed graph” based on feature structure, and apply it to represent the semantic relations of postpositive attributive structures in biomedical texts. The usages of postpositive attributive are complex and variable, especially three categories: present participle phrase, past participle phrase, and(More)
In this paper we propose a multiple feature approach for the normalization task which can map each disorder mention in the text to a unique unified medical language system (UMLS) concept unique identifier (CUI). We develop a two-step method to acquire a list of candidate CUIs and their associated preferred names using UMLS API and to choose the closest CUI(More)
It is difficult to analyze semantic relations automatically, especially the semantic relations of Chinese special sentence patterns. In this paper, we apply a novel model feature structure to represent Chinese semantic relations, which is formalized as “recursive directed graph”. We focus on Chinese special sentence patterns, including the complex noun(More)
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