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Multiple description coding is a new coding technique engineered to solve the problems with transmitting video stream on the unreliable networks. In this paper, the author implements the multiple description coding based on the spatial sampling approach, in doing so the mismatching problems commonly found in using multiple description coding is thus(More)
A standard compliant multiple description coding based on regions of interest is presented for protecting a region of interest (ROI) in an image sent over lossy communication networks. The multiple description coding is introduced based on multiple-path transmit framework, which can offer a variety of tradeoff between transmission robustness and code(More)
In video stream transmission over unreliable networks, the loss of a packet may result in an entire video frame, which may consequently cause severe degradation of all subsequent frames. To solve the problem, based on prediction, presented in this paper is a new pre- and post processing method with flexible redundancy insertion between descriptions for(More)
The quality of Instrument Flight Procedure Design Scheme (QIFPDS) is directly related to the terminal area airspace capacity, quality, efficiency of air traffic management, and even the safety of aircraft. Hence, the evaluation of QIFPDS has great significance in real life. However, the evaluation of QIFPDS in real work is mainly done by experts through(More)
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