Chen K. Chai

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OMINANCE deviation in continuously varying characters is a matter which D is of great concern to both animal and plant breeders, for dominance of the favored gene is an aid to selection when the gene frequency is low, but a hindrance when the gene frequency is high (LUSH 1947). At present, theory of the consequences in quantitative traits is further(More)
Dactylaplasia, characterized by the absence of phalangeal bones in the middle digits of each foot, resulted from a mutation that occurred in the SM7B/SM inbred strain of mice. Breeding tests revealed the mutant gene is an autosomal dominant that is homozygous lethal. Further investigation by outcrossing with a number of inbred strains showed that the(More)
To study the inheritance of spontaneous amyloidosis development in mice, we crossed the LLC strain (with a high incidence) with the A/J strain (with a low incidence) and with the HLC strain (with a zero incidence of amyloidosis). We produced the F1 and a backcross generation to each parental strain in each cross. Examination of the spleen, liver, and(More)
Using electron microscopy and the protein A-gold labelling technique we studied amyloidosis in the LLC mice, an inbred strain developing amyloidosis spontaneously. We found that the reticular cells lining around the sinuses in the red pulp of the spleen were converted to amyloid. Evidence suggests that the amyloid originates in the cells themselves. The(More)
Histocompatibility was investigated by skin grafting in F2 and F3 hybrid generations from a cross of two related inbred lines of rabbits. The results suggested that two loci (RbH- 1, RbH- 2), in addition to a number of minor loci contributing weak effects on histocompatibility, are segregating in these generations.RbH- 1 may correspond or be homologous to(More)