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OBJECTIVES To present the prenatal diagnosis and perinatal findings of partial trisomy 9p and distal 12p deletion. METHODS AND RESULTS Amniocentesis was performed at 17 gestational weeks due to a balanced reciprocal translocation t(9;12)(p11.2;p13.3) in the mother. The father's karyotype was normal. The family had a 5-year-old daughter with a Dandy-Walker(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the maternal and fetal outcomes in women with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). MATERIALS AND METHODS Over a period of 10 years, 24 pregnancies in 17 females with SLE in a single center were enrolled. Fetal and maternal outcomes were studied retrospectively. RESULTS The mean patient age was 27.7 years. Twenty-one of the 24(More)
BACKGROUND Delirium is a common syndrome in terminal cancer patients. However, its detection and treatment by palliative care teams are not well documented. This survey aimed to determine the prevalence, detection and treatment of delirium in terminal cancer inpatients. METHODS The survey was conducted in Mackay Hospice and Palliative Care Center, Taiwan,(More)
OBJECTIVES Although most cases of Sotos syndrome are sporadic, familial cases have been described. In familial cases, the most likely mode of inheritance is autosomal dominant with variable expressivity. We present the perinatal imaging findings of an inherited case. CASE This was the second pregnancy of a 32-year-old woman with Sotos syndrome. She had(More)
OBJECTIVE To present perinatal findings, modes of ascertainments, and modes of segregation in unbalanced reciprocal translocations detected at amniocentesis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Between January 1987 and July 2010, 40 cases with unbalanced reciprocal translocations were diagnosed by amniocentesis at Mackay Memorial Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan. The 40 cases(More)
Misoprostol, a synthetic prostaglandin E1 analog, is initially used to prevent peptic ulcer. The initial US Food and Drug Administration-approved indication in the product labeling is the treatment and prevention of intestinal ulcer disease resulting from nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs use. In recent two decades, misoprostol has approved to be an(More)
Klüver-Bucy (KBS) syndrome is a rare and complicated neurobehavioral syndrome in humans resulting from damage of bilateral anterior temporal portion, especially the amygdala. It can be seen in association with a variety of etiologies. Stroke is a rarely reported. Here we present a 50-year-old right handed man who developed persistent KBS after cardioembolic(More)
We present rapid aneuploidy diagnosis of ring chromosome 2 with 2p25.3 and 2q37.3 microdeletions by aCGH using uncultured amniocytes in a fetus with IUGR, microcephaly, lissencephaly and ambiguous external genitalia. Our case adds lissencephaly to the list of CNS abnormalities in ring chromosome 2 with 2p25.3 and 2q37.3 microdeletions. We discuss the(More)
BACKGROUND Suicide is a serious public health problem worldwide. The emergency department (ED) is often the first place of contact with medical and mental health care for suicidal patients. This study aimed to determine the characteristics, management, and aftercare of patients who attempted suicide and then were taken to the ED of a general hospital in(More)