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Scientific codes are all subject to variation in performance depending on the runtime platform and/or configuration, the output writing API employed, and the file system for output. Since changing the IO routines to match the optimal or desired configuration for a given system can be costly in terms of human time and machine resources, the Adaptable IO(More)
In collective I/O, MPI processes exchange requests so that the rearranged requests can result in the shortest file system access time. Scheduling the exchange sequence determines the response time of participating processes. Existing implementations that simply follow the increasing order of file offsets do not necessary produce the best performance. To(More)
BACKGROUND The second generation antipsychotic (SGA) drugs are widely used in psychiatry due to their clinical efficacy and low incidence of neurological side-effects. However, many drugs in this class cause deleterious metabolic side-effects. Animal models accurately predict metabolic side-effects for SGAs with known clinical metabolic liability. We(More)
Antipsychotic polypharmacy refers to the clinical practice of treating a patient with two or more antipsychotic drugs concurrently. There is abundant evidence in the clinical literature that treatment with antipsychotic polypharmacy is associated with an increased prevalence of drug side effects compared with monotherapy. This includes drug-induced(More)
—Recommender systems are vital to the success of online retailers and content providers. One particular challenge in recommender systems is the " cold start " problem. The word " cold " refers to the items that are not yet rated by any user or the users who have not yet rated any items. We propose ELVER to recommend and optimize page-interest targeting on(More)
Several important combinatorial optimization problems can be formulated as maximum a posteriori (MAP) inference in discrete graphical models. We adopt the recently proposed parallel MAP inference algorithm Bethe-ADMM and implement it using message passing interface (MPI) to fully utilize the computing power provided by the modern supercomputers with(More)
— An important problem in discrete graphical models is the maximum a posteriori (MAP) inference problem. Recent research has been focusing on the development of parallel MAP inference algorithm, which scales to graphical models of millions of nodes. In this paper, we introduce a parallel implementation of the recently proposed Bethe-ADMM algorithm using(More)
Stochasticity plays an important role in the evolutionary dynamic of cyclic dominance within a finite population. To investigate the stochastic evolution process of the behaviour of bounded rational individuals, we model the Rock-Scissors-Paper (RSP) game as a finite, state dependent Quasi Birth and Death (QBD) process. We assume that bounded rational(More)