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Scientific codes are all subject to variation in performance depending on the runtime platform and/or configuration, the output writing API employed, and the file system for output. Since changing the IO routines to match the optimal or desired configuration for a given system can be costly in terms of human time and machine resources, the Adaptable IO(More)
BACKGROUND Somatostatin analogues are commonly used to treat symptoms associated with hormone hypersecretion in neuroendocrine tumors; however, data on their antitumor effects are limited. METHODS We conducted a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multinational study of the somatostatin analogue lanreotide in patients with advanced,(More)
AIMS To discuss the clinical experiences of solid pseudopapillary tumors (SPTs) of the pancreas by summarizing clinical information of patients with this disease in China. METHODS Chinese literature concerning SPTs of the pancreas published between January 1996 and October 2006 were retrospectively reviewed and analyzed. RESULTS A total of 390 cases had(More)
B-cell-specific Moloney murine leukemia virus insertion site 1 (BMI1) is a member of the polycomb group of transcriptional repressors. Until now, its expression and functional significance in pancreatic carcinogenesis was unknown. In the present study, we demonstrated that expression of BMI1 was markedly up-regulated in pancreatic cancer cell lines and(More)
Strategies using carbon-based nanomaterials as carriers for delivering chemotherapeutic drugs to cancers have been described well. Here a novel magnetic lymphatic-targeting drug-delivery system, based on functionalised carbon nanotubes (fCNTs), is presented with the aim of improving the outcome of cancer with lymph node involvement. The potential(More)
Nitrification plays a central role in global nitrogen cycle, which is affected by interaction between soil microfauna and microorganisms. The impact of synchronized changes in nematodes and ammonia oxidizers within aggregate fractions on nitrification was investigated in an acid soil under 10-year manure application. Nematodes, ammonia oxidizers and(More)
OBJECTIVE Solid pseudopapillary tumor (SPT) of the pancreas, which predominantly affects young women, is a relatively indolent entity with favorable prognosis. The aim of this study is to describe the clinicopathologic features and surgical management of this disease in our institution. METHODS A retrospective study of clinical data from 26 consecutive(More)
It has been known that osteoclastogenesis is induced by extracellular acidosis-evoked the rise of intracellular calcium ([Ca(2+)]i), which regulate activation of the transcription factor nuclear factor of activated T cells c1 (NFATc1). However, the acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs) involved remain largely unknown. Here, we show that ASIC1a, ASIC1b, ASIC2a,(More)
ADIOS is a state of the art componentization of the IO system that has demonstrated impressive IO performance results on the Cray XT system at ORNL. ADIOS separates the selection and implementation of any particular IO routines from the scientific code offering unprecedented flexibility in the choices for processing and storing data. The API was modelled on(More)