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Microstructure evolution of single crystal copper wires in cold drawing
The deformation microstructure evolution of single crystal copper wires produced by OCC method has been studied with the help of TEM, EBSD and OM. The results show that there are a small number ofExpand
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The two dimensional microstructure characterization of cemented carbides with an automatic image analysis process
Abstract The traditional two dimensional microstructure characterization of cemented carbide, based on stereology of linear intercept method, requires tedious and subjective manual measurements. InExpand
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Sliding wear behavior of TiAlN and AlCrN coatings on a unique cemented carbide substrate
Abstract PVD coating is a critical technique to improve the wear resistance and cutting performance of softer carbide substrates. The wear performance of the coating is closely related to the carbideExpand
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Harmonic suppression of 220kV Gong Ping power station
  • Li Wei, Chen Jian
  • Engineering
  • China International Conference on Electricity…
  • 1 December 2008
The harmonic levels in 220 kV Gong Ping power station are much higher above the standard because of the load of the electric railway traction substation. Voltage pollution was serious and theExpand
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Strengthening mechanisms of metal matrix composites
The strengthening mechanisms and strength prediction have always been the focus of investigation, because these are critical to the design of metal matrix composites (MMCs). Numerous strengtheningExpand
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Tool life and wear mechanism of WC–5TiC–0.5VC–8Co cemented carbides inserts when machining HT250 gray cast iron
Abstract Cutter development has drawn a lot of attention for cast iron machining in recent years. In this study, a special cemented carbide of WC–5TiC–0.5VC–8Co (WTVC8) was used for a comprehensiveExpand
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Effect of cold work on martensitic transformation of Ni38Ti37V25 alloy reinforced by V nanowires
Abstract Effect of cold work and heat treatment on martensitic transformation of Ni38Ti37V25 alloy was investigated by tensile test and DSC analysis. The microstructure analysis revealed that theExpand
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Research into preparation and properties of graded cemented carbides with face center cubic-rich surface layer
Abstract This paper systematically investigated a set of functionally graded WC-TiC-Mo-Co cemented carbides with modified surface layer (called fcc-rich surface layer in this study), which is mainlyExpand
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Microstructure analysis of high density WC-Co composite prepared by one step selective laser melting
Abstract WC-Co composite, also well known as cemented carbide, is one of the most challenging materials for one step additive manufacture process, such as selective laser melting (SLM). Up until now,Expand
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Study on the Compression Properties and Deformation Failure Mechanism of Open‐Cell Copper Foam
Uniaxial compression experiments on open-cell copper foams are conducted at strain rates of 10−2 s−1, 10−3 s−1, and 10−4 s−1 to obtain the true stress-strain curves. The effects of the strain rate,Expand
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