Chen Jia

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Identifying chemical-disease relations (CDR) from biomedical literature could improve chemical safety and toxicity studies. This article proposes a novel syntactic and semantic information exploitation method for CDR extraction. The proposed method consists of a feature-based model, a tree kernel-based model and a neural network model. The feature-based(More)
A low power IC of the Wireless Monitoring System of the Orthopedic Implants (WMSoOI) is put forth. The analog-digital mix-mode system monitors the implant duty cycle, detects abnormal asymmetry, wear, and high amounts of force, and other conditions of the orthopedic implants. Data for diagnosis is communicated wirelessly between the embedded chip (inside(More)
This paper proposes an architecture of the wireless monitoring system for the real-time monitoring of the orthopedic implants. The system monitors the implant duty cycle, detects abnormal high amounts of force, and other conditions of the orthopedic implants. Data for diagnosis is communicated wirelessly by Radio Frequency (RF) signal between the embedded(More)
A number of biological systems can be modelled by Markov chains. Recently, there has been an increasing concern about when biological systems modelled by Markov chains will perform a dynamic phenomenon called overshoot. In this study, the authors found that the steady-state behaviour of the system will have a great effect on the occurrence of overshoot.(More)
In this paper, we perform a complete analysis of the kinetic behavior of the general modifier mechanism of Botts and Morales in both equilibrium steady states and non-equilibrium steady states (NESS). Enlightened by the non-equilibrium theory of Markov chains, we introduce the net flux into discussion and acquire an expression of the rate of product(More)
Fluctuating environments pose tremendous challenges to bacterial populations. It is observed in numerous bacterial species that individual cells can stochastically switch among multiple phenotypes for the population to survive in rapidly changing environments. This kind of phenotypic heterogeneity with stochastic phenotype switching is generally understood(More)
Adaptation is a crucial biological function possessed by many sensory systems. Early work has shown that some influential equilibrium models can achieve accurate adaptation. However, recent studies indicate that there are close relationships between adaptation and nonequilibrium. In this paper, we provide an explanation of these two seemingly contradictory(More)
Conventional methods for Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) retrieval are limited to areas with low reflectance such as water or vegetated areas because the satellite signals from the aerosols in these areas are more obvious than those in areas with higher reflectance such as urban and sandy areas. Land Surface Reflectance (LSR) is the key parameter that must be(More)
It was recently reported that, besides UV irradiated polymerization, polymerization of diacetylene compounds could also been initiated by radicals generated from enzyme catalyzed hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) decomposition. A new optical sensing method for H2O2 was proposed based on this phenomenon. However, the sensitivity of this method is relatively lower(More)