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A family of three structurally related proteins were cloned from human cDNA libraries by their ability to interact preferentially with the activated form of human ADP-ribosylation factor 3 (ARF3) in two-hybrid assays. The specific and GTP-dependent binding was later confirmed through direct protein binding of recombinant proteins. The three proteins share(More)
ADP-ribosylation factor (ARF) proteins and inhibitory peptides derived from ARFs have demonstrated activities in a number of in vitro assays that measure ER-to-Golgi and intra-Golgi transport and endosome fusion. To better understand the roles of ARF proteins in vivo, stable cell lines were obtained from normal rat kidney (NRK) cells transfected with either(More)
Schema matching is a central challenge for data integration systems. Automated tools are often uncertain about schema matchings they suggest, and this uncertainty is inherent since it arises from the inability of the schema to fully capture the semantics of the represented data. Human common sense can often help. Inspired by the popularity and the success(More)
As one of the successful forms of using Wisdom of Crowd, crowdsourcing, has been widely used for many human intrinsic tasks, such as image labeling, natural language understanding , market predication and opinion mining. Meanwhile , with advances in pervasive technology, mobile devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, have become extremely popular. These(More)
— Multi-version data is often one of the most concerned information on the Web since this type of data is usually updated frequently. Even though there exist some Web information integration systems that try to maintain the latest update version, the maintained multi-version data usually includes inaccurate and invalid information due to the data(More)
Schema matching is a central challenge for data integration systems. Due to the inherent uncertainty arose from the inability of schema in fully capturing the semantics of the represented data, automatic tools are often uncertain about suggested matching results. However, human is good at understanding data represented in various forms and crowdsourcing(More)
The recent surge in popularity of crowdsourcing has brought with it a new opportunity for engaging human intelligence in the process of data analysis. Crowdsourcing provides a fundamental mechanism for enabling online workers to participate in tasks that are either too difficult to be solved solely by a computer or too expensive to employ experts to(More)
The magnetic properties, structural properties, and thermal conductivity of FePt films deposited on Ag and Cu heat sink layers designed for use in heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) were investigated. It has been found that FePt films grown on Cu have a well-defined L1 0-FePt (001) texture while the FePt films grown on Ag appear to be more isotropic.(More)