Chen-Hung Liao

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Flexible integrated circuits with complex functionalities are the missing link for the active development of wearable electronic devices. Here, we report a scalable approach to fabricate self-aligned graphene microwave transistors for the implementation of flexible low-noise amplifiers and frequency mixers, two fundamental building blocks of a wireless(More)
Network coding is an important cloud storage technique, which can recover data with small repair bandwidth and high reliability compared to the existing erasure coding and replication methods. However, regardless of which data recovery technique is used, the repaired data in a geographically distributed cloud storage system are easy to be eavesdropped at(More)
We consider the cloud storage systems with data stored in two geographically different datacenters for remote backup. In such system, inter-data center communication is established for data repair when storage nodes fail in the data center. Since the repairing data are transmitted over the Internet, the communication between the datacenters can become(More)
The aim of this paper is to propose a new integrated permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) drive to improve performance for the whole speed range. Conventionally, in the field-weakening PMSM (or interior PMSM) drive, there are three common drawbacks, which are high copper loss, poor current transient performance, and greatly sensitive to the variation(More)
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