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We present a new method for a two-dimensional linear advection-diffusion problem of a “tracer” within an ambient fluid. The problem should have isolated external sources and sinks, and the bulk fluid flow is assumed to be governed by an elliptic problem approximated by a standard locally conservative scheme. The new method, the fully conservative(More)
This paper presents a neural network (NN) approach to determining the best matching colors for a given product image in product design. With a wide variety of forms and colors on the market, mobile phones are used in an experimental study to illustrate the approach. 33 representative mobile phones and 50 commonly used colors are used as experimental samples(More)
For a nonlinear scalar conservation law in one-space dimension, we develop a locally conservative semi-Lagrangian finite difference scheme based on weighted essentially non-oscillatory reconstructions (SL-WENO). This scheme has the advantages of both WENO and semi-Lagrangian schemes. It is a locally mass conservative finite difference scheme, it is formally(More)
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