Chen-Huei Chou

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There have been many studies focusing on individuals’ knowledge sharing behavior in the organizational setting. With the rapid prevalence of social networking sites, many people began to express their thoughts or share their knowledge via Facebook website. Facebook is an open environment which does not provide any immediate monetary benefits to its users.(More)
Bakir (2004) Natural Preparedness, planning, response, recovery Proposed national mitigation strategies for earthquake risk reduction in Turkey from legislative, economic, and technical aspects. The strategies were targeted to different time frames of 1-10 years. Bui et al. (2000) Natural, man-made Pre-crisis, crisis, post-crisis Proposed a framework for(More)
Purpose –This study focuses specifically on the examination of factors influencing the effectiveness of product placement in social media. Design/methodology/approach – Two field experiments were used to test research models and questions. In each experiment, random sampling was used to assign volunteers into groups, controlled by different experimental(More)
Recent natural disasters have brought forth the need for disaster preparedness, planning, and management. Hurricane Katrina demonstrated the usefulness of websites in dealing with a natural disaster. However, little is known about the necessary contents and structures of web-based information management for natural disaster preparation. In this paper, we(More)
Solving a multiple criteria decision making problem by a group of decision makers in different geographical locations could be hard. Analytic Hierarchy Process is a mathematical model capable of dealing with such type of problems. However, the lack of geographical support is the major drawback of a traditional standalone Analytic Hierarchy Process tool. To(More)
E-books have changed the way to publish and the way to read. The books are stored digitally and can be loaded by various readers. In this study, we examine the effect of gender and format of e-books toward the perceptions of innovation characteristics and purchase intention of the books. Following a 2x2 experimental design on the content (static versus(More)