Chen-Hsiu Huang

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In this paper, we propose a music-driven summarization system for home videos based on several content-aware mechanisms. Many audio and video features are employed to help analyzing and synchronizing input audios and videos. The synchronization is conducted by matching the rhythm of the video with that of the audio. Four profiles for synchronizing video(More)
In this paper, a content dependent visible watermarking scheme for video is proposed. By using the focus detection framework developed in [10], we calculate the unsuitability contrary to the focus region that catches user’s attention the most and embed a visible watermark to the region with the highest unsuitability. A scaling coefficient is also calculated(More)
In this paper, an MPEG-7 based album system for managing consumer-generated photographs is introduced. Face detection and recognition technologies are adopted to implement the query-by-face functionality of the content-aware album. A convenient face database construction and training mechanism is also provided. By utilizing both user attention model for(More)
More than 1,500 fish species are hermaphroditic, but no hermaphroditic lineage appears to be evolutionarily ancient in fishes. Thus, whether more than one sex at a time was present during the evolutionary shift from gonochorism to hermaphroditism in fishes is an intriguing question. Ectopic oocytes were created in the ovotestes of protandrous black porgy(More)
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