Chen-Hsin Tsai

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Telemedicine applications are evolving quickly as information technologies improve. New requirements from users and changes in business processes make it necessary to frequently alter applications. Developers are responsible for redesigning the applications on both the user and server sides to meet the latest requirements. This is both time consuming and(More)
and mortality associated with vitreoretinal and ocular oncologic surgery performed under general anesthesia. Periocular and paranasal injections of hyaluronic acid are increasingly common because it is purported to be a safe material for cosmetic implantation. Because of the multiple anas-tomoses between the vascular supply of the face and orbit, the(More)
The Test-Duo framework for generating and executing acceptance tests from use cases is presented. In Test-Duo, annotations are added to use cases to explicate system behaviors. ROBOT framework compatible test cases are then generated and applied to test the system under a search regime. Tool support is discussed.
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