Chen-Hsi Huang

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A finite element technique was developed to investigate the thermal behavior of bone cement in joint replacement procedures. Thermal tests were designed and performed to provide the parameters in a kinetic model of bone cement exothermic polymerization. The kinetic model was then coupled with an energy balance equation using a finite element formulation to(More)
We derive an Ising Hamiltonian for kinetic simulations involving interstitial and vacancy defects in binary alloys. Our model, which we term 'ABVI', incorporates solute transport by both interstitial defects and vacancies into a mathematically-consistent framework, and thus represents a generalization to the widely-used ABV model for alloy evolution(More)
We study the indentation of a free-standing lipid membrane suspended over a nanopore on a hydrophobic substrate by means of molecular dynamics simulations. We find that in the course of indentation the membrane bends at the point of contact and the fringes of the membrane glide downward intermittently along the pore edges and stop gliding when the fringes(More)
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