Chen Hongchang

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In practice it is existed a matter in classified problem. The problem can be described as that the different sort has different wrong classified cost. In this paper we propose a Cost-sensitive SVM approach based on weighted attribute. The approach first calculates the weightiness of feature attributes corresponded to the classification attribute, then(More)
The first and foremost question needed to be considered in clustering analysis is how to measure the similarity that decides the result of clustering immediately. However, are many shortcomings in traditional methods. This paper deals with similarity of English texts using sequence alignment which is always used in biology informatics. This method do not(More)
SPam over Internet Telephony (SPIT) had been become a very serious issue in recent years. The threat is going to spin out from the well known email spam problem by bot nets being reprogrammed to initiate not just spam emails but also Voice over IP (VoIP) calls. Preventing SPIT is a new problem, because many well-established methods for blocking email spam(More)
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