Chen Hong Yi

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Brachyury(T) is a mouse mutation, first described over 70 years ago, that causes defects in mesoderm formation. Recently several related genes, the T-box gene family, that encode a similar N-terminal DNA binding domain, the T-box, and that play critical roles in human embryonic development have been identified. It has been shown that human TBX5 and TBX3, if(More)
The Tbx2/3/4/5 subfamily is one of the largest subgroupings within the T-box gene family, the members of which encode developmentally critical transcription factors. TBX4, a human member of the Tbx2/3/4/5 subfamily, has been identified and characterized from a high-throughput genomic sequence. The genomic organization of TBX4 was elucidated by computational(More)
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