Chen Hee Ooi

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Many histogram equalization based methods have been introduced for the use in consumer electronics in recent years. Yet, many of these methods are relatively complicated to be implemented, and mostly require a high computational time. Furthermore, some of the methods require several predefined parameters from the user, which make the optimal results cannot(More)
In this paper, we introduce a histogram equalization (HE)-based technique, called quadrant dynamic histogram equalization (QDHE), for digital images captured from consumer electronic devices. Initially, the proposed QDHE algorithm separates the histogram into four (quadrant) sub-histograms based on the median of the input image. Then, the resultant(More)
This paper proposes a new histogram equalization method for effective and efficient mean brightness preservation and contrast enhancement, which prevents intensity saturation and has the ability to preserve image fine details. Basically, the proposedmethod first separates the test image histogram into two sub-histograms. Then, the plateau limits are(More)
In this paper, we modified a method known as Self-Adaptive Plateau Histogram Equalization (SAPHE) to enhance microscopic images acquired using optical microscope. First, our method decides the plateau threshold value, automatically; based on the histogram itself. Then, using this plateau threshold, the bins of the histogram are modified. Finally, histogram(More)
The images taken from an optical electronic microscope often contain data corrupted by noise, and the subject under study is normally blur due to improper focusing during image acquisition. Thus, in this paper, we propose the use of toboggan contrast enhancement method to solve this problem. First, the noise level in the image is reduced by using Gaussian(More)
The underwater images usually suffer from non-uniform lighting, low contrast, blur and diminished color. This paper proposed an image based preprocessing technique to enhance the quality of underwater images. The mixed CLAHE has neglected the use of L*A*B color space to enhance the image in efficient manner. Also the problem of the uneven illuminate is also(More)
Image enhancement is a process of improving the quality of image by improving its feature. We proposed an image based preprocessing technique to enhance the quality of the underwater images. This paper present underwater image enhancement technique. The proposed technique l*a*b on clahe. This technique is eliminating by the most of researcher. To overcome(More)
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