Chen-Han Chung

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A unique feature of hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection in humans is that viral clearance heavily depends on the age of exposure. However, the reason for this remains unclear. Here we show that gut microbiota contribute to the age dependence of HBV immunity in a hydrodynamic transfection mouse model. Although adult (12-wk-old) C3H/HeN mice cleared HBV within(More)
Low power motion estimation (ME) of H.264/AVC is an important research issue because of the growing mobile applications of H.264/AVC encoder. In this paper, low power cache algorithm and architecture for fast ME of H.264/AVC is proposed in order to replace the conventional search range (SR) memory. With the block translation (BT) cache architecture, search(More)
Exhaustive exercise results in inflammation and oxidative stress, which can damage tissue. Previous studies have shown that vitamin D has both anti-inflammatory and antiperoxidative activity. Therefore, we aimed to test if vitamin D could reduce the damage caused by exhaustive exercise. Rats were randomized to one of four groups: control, vitamin D,(More)
Neural recording is an important key for us to realize the neuron activity , and multi-channel recording will be more and more crucial. However, nowadays research can only deal with spontaneous signals, which characteristics are far different from evoked signals. For evoked signals, we cannot just judge the spike at the front-end because evoked signals(More)
In recent years, depth sensors, such as Kinect provides new opportunities for Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). However, for more universalization of depth sensors in consumer electronics, the cost of the sensors should be considered. In this paper, we proposed an algorithm for 3D hand localization by two commodity low cost webcams. Because of the noise(More)
—Stereoscopic 3D displays are widely applied for home entertainments. However, some viewers complain uncomfortable 3D perception when they watch 3D contents. For generating comfort stereoscopic 3D contents, we proposed three qualitative models for measuring the discomfort. Three experiments for 1) limitation of the viewing angle 2) variance of the viewing(More)
—In order to improve 3D viewing experience, we proposed stereoscopic image adjustment algorithm. We first adopted absolute disparity remapping for specific viewing distance, and then applied image resizing to deal with inconsistency of monoc-ular cues and binocular cues. Compared with conventional image rendering, our proposed algorithm can reduce(More)
Do not type page numbers; Full papers are limited to 3 (minimum) to 5 (maximum) pages. Abstract This paper provides 2D to 3D conversion system based on dark channel prior. This method has low computation and high performance on outdoor scene. However traditional dark channel results suffer from noise that generated from wrong assumption to monocular cues.(More)
RATIONALE According to the metabolic symbiosis model, cancer stromal fibroblasts could be hijacked by surrounding cancer cells into a state of autophagy with aerobic glycolysis to help provide recycled nutrients. The purpose of this study was to investigate whether combined treatment with the autophagy inhibitor: hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and the autophagy(More)
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