Chen Guoshun

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In KDD procedure, to fill in missing data typically requires a very large investment of time and energy often 80% to 90% of a data analysis project is spent in making the data reliable enough so that the results can be trustful. In this paper, we propose a SVM regression based algorithm for filling in missing data, i.e. set the decision attribute (output(More)
SARS is an acute infectious disease and can cause a large amount of death. Up until now we have not known it well. With the experimental results of micronutrients of 30 SARS patients and 30 non-SARS patients, using rough set theory we induce some classification rules. Attribute reduction results show that micronutrients Fe, Ca, K and Na are necessary and(More)
When fault diagnosis of signal processing system of some radar is prosecuted with traditional method, many test points are involved and much time is consumed. To solve the problem, the fault diagnosis method based on particle swarm optimization (PSO) test points optimal selection algorithm is researched in this paper. PSO is used in test points optimal(More)
Bistatic inverse synthetic aperture radar (ISAR) makes use of non-back echo of target to form image, which solves the problem that the monostatic ISAR image could not be formed in some particular motion conditions. Due to the existence of bistatic angle, the azimuth resolution of bistatic ISAR is far smaller than the monostatic ISAR with the same bandwidth.(More)
With the research and application of Virtual Instrument technology and networked testing technology, the networked virtual instruments appear great potential in remote testing field of electronic equipment. This paper first presents a novel testing system of complicated electronic equipments based on virtual instruments, then building the architecture of(More)
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