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The traditional methods of image enhancement regard noise as harmful disturbance and try every means to eliminate it. However, under the circumstances with intense noise, the traditional ways are poor to enhance image due to low signal-to-noise ratio. In fact, noise in bistable system will improve performance of image enhancement when the stochastic(More)
Coal mine underground drainage system undertakes the important task of draining all the inflow produced during the process of production in underground coalmine, hence it is important equipment in mine production. The design of monitoring and control system of underground drainage pump is thus particularly important. In this paper, according to the(More)
A portable data acquisition system of cutting tool condition monitoring is constructed in the paper. Based on LabVIEW8.2 of virtual instrument and USB technology, the system design ideas of portable DAQ on hardware and software is discussed. The development ideas of measuring application program were explained. Real-time multiple channels data acquisition(More)
Geographic routing is widely used in wireless sensor networks due to its great efficiency, good scalability and computed routing close to the best possible. However, the problem that geographic routing uses GPS receivers or location algorithms to obtain nodes’ geographic information leads to expensive cost and high overhead. Aiming at this problem,(More)
Slewing bearing is usually designed based on the traditional bearing theory, but the calculation parameters are determined by a large number of experimental data, therefore, the experimental directly determines the reliability and accuracy of the design calculation of the slewing bearing. In this paper, slewing bearing and its experimental techniques are(More)
This paper introduces two means-winpcap and raw socket to capture and send IP packet based on Windows service platform, and recommends an idea of building VPN Gateway data transmit module based on Windows service platform. VPN Gateway data transmit module which combines asynchronism transfer thread pool function and is good for dealing with a plenty of(More)
To mitigate the limitations of the traditional methods for reliability analysis such as BLUE, the model of Weibull constant-stress accelerated failure test (AFT) is considered here. Based on the theory of Bayesian survival analysis and informative prior hypothesis for model's parameters, Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) method based on Gibbs sampling is used(More)
As the traditional evolutionary algorithms for large-scale TSP(Traveling Salesman Problem) produce so huge amount of paths vectors with random that the slow and premature convergence is nearly inevitable,this paper presents a novel evolutional algorithm based on hybrid probability distribution(EABHPD) with area partition strategy. The fundamental idea is to(More)
The technology of inverters parallel connection has become a new research hotspot. In this paper, a modified droop control strategy, cooperated with virtual impedance technology, has been presented in order to suppress circulating current. Simulation and experiment of two three-phase inverters proved this theory.
Hybrid system is a dynamic system that bas discrete state transfer and continuous state variation. Recently, popular hybrid system model includes threshold-event-driven hybrid systems (TEDHS) and polyhedral invariant hybrid automaton (PIHA). Finite state machine is used to describe the discrete feature of hybrid system and reachable set of stream pipe is(More)