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Ezrin primarily acts as a linker between the plasma membrane and the cytoskeleton and is a key component in tumor metastasis. In the present study, RNA interference (RNAi) using ezrin small hairpin RNAs (ezrin shRNAs) was used to define the roles of ezrin in the regulation of malignant behaviors of human breast cancer. The highly metastatic human breast(More)
PURPOSE To examine the effects of puerarin (Pue) on angiotensin II (AngII)-induced nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH) oxidase activation and oxidative stress-related signaling pathways in the hypertrophic response of cardiomyocytes. METHODS Primary cardiomyocytes of neonatal C57BL/6J mice were pretreated with Pue (50, 100 μmol/L) and were(More)
OBJECTIVES Hyperglycaemia is implicated in microvascular inflammatory injury and subsequent cardiac injury/dysfunction. Leucocyte adhesion to the endothelium, migration into tissue and toxic metabolite release are early critical steps. Taurine is a semi-essential amino acid that is endothelial protective and restrains excess leucocyte activity by the(More)
OBJECTIVES/HYPOTHESIS To evaluate the effects of long-term denervation on satellite cells (SCs) as myogenic stem cells in human posterior cricoarytenoid (PCA) muscle. STUDY DESIGN Histological investigation of SCs and quantitative assessment of myoD and myogenin, which are two key myogenic regulatory factors. METHODS According to the course of(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Our group recently synthesized a new, low-cost photosensitizer, chlorophyllin f. In this study, the effects of chlorophyllin f-mediated photodynamic therapy (PDT) and its potential mechanisms were examined in human bladder cancer cells. MATERIALS AND METHODS MitoTracker® Green probe and LysoTracker® Green probe were used to label(More)
To better understand the molecular mechanisms of prostate cancer (PCA) dissemination and to develop new anti-metastasis therapies, key regulatory molecules involved in PCA metastasis were identified in two human androgen-independent PCA cell lines, highly metastatic 1E8-H and lowly metastatic 2B4-L cells. Through 2-DE and MS analyses, 12 proteins with(More)
We studied the effect of pirenzepine on gastric secretion kinetics in rats in a hypochlorhydric state induced by lansoprazole, a proton pump inhib-itor. Pirenzepine was administered intramuscularly at a dosage of 20 mg/kg twice daily; and lansorprazole, subcutaneously at 50 mg/kg once daily, both every day for 4 weeks. After the 4-week treatment, serum(More)
Atherosclerosis (AS) is an inflammatory disease involved in vascular inflammatory injury. The inflammasome is an important part of inflammatory diseases and participates in the vascular inflammatory injury. Resveratrol (RSV) possesses anti-inflammatory activities, but its effects on inflammasomes during vascular injury remain unclear. This study focused on(More)
BACKGROUND Polymorphoneutrophils (PMNs) are activated by inflammatory mediators following splanchnic ischemia/reperfusion (I/R), potentially injuring organs such as the lung. As a result, some patients develop respiratory failure following abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Pulmonary cyclooxygenase (COX)-2 protects against acid aspiration and bacterial(More)
Defective tissue regeneration is thought to contribute to several human diseases, including neurodegenerative disorders, heart failure and various lung diseases. Boosting the regenerative capacity has been suggested a possible therapeutic approach. Methods to metabolically label newly synthesized proteins in vivo with stable isotopic forms of amino acids(More)