Chen-Gang Wang

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Detecting sky-sea line is very important to identify targets for missile imaging guidance. As traditional Canny algorithm gives out too many edges in infrared images with sky-sea background, an modified Canny algorithm is suggested to detect the sky-sea line in this paper In this algorithm, the Canny method is combined with a median filter, its two(More)
Detecting puny target on a sea is very important to missile guidance of anti-warship. An algorithm based on edge characteristics is suggested in this paper to detect the puny target on a sea. Based on the maximum length and on the equal diameter of objects, a rule to distinguish the sky-sea line from the other objects is established. A criterion to(More)
A general method for the one-pot synthesis of stable polymer nitrile N-oxides was developed by a combination of 1,1-diphenylnitroethene with a living anionic polymer. The polymer nitrile N-oxide served as a facile and effective grafting tool for use with polymers containing unsaturated bonds in a catalyst-free and solvent-free [2+3] cycloaddition.
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