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We present a learning model for object detection that uses a novel local edge features. The novel features are motivated by the scheme that use the chamfer distance as a shape comparison measure. The features can be calculated very quickly using a look-up table. Adaboost algorithm is used to select a discriminative edge features set from an over-complete(More)
In this paper we present a throttling mechanism for optimistic simulations of multi-agent systems, which delays read accesses to the shared simulation state that are likely to be rolled back. We develop a decisiontheoretic model of rollback and show how this can be used to derive the optimal time to delay a read event so as to minimise the expected overall(More)
Jie Bai, Chen Dan, Yi Zhang, Guoping Zhao, Xiaoming Ding 1 Department of Microbiology and Microbial Engineering, School of Life Sciences, Fudan University, Shanghai 200433, China 2 Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology, Institute of Plant Physiology and Ecology, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai 200032, China 3(More)
The comprehensive evaluation in Fuzzy Mathematics combined with fuzzy recognition method is used for selecting the outstanding employees in an enterprise. In this study, a criterion is firstly set for judging the performance of the employees, and a group of the candidates are selected by means of the comprehensive evaluation. The model of fuzzy recognition(More)
High-quality environmental assessments with neural networks contribute to informed decision making, in support of sustainable development. In this study, the BP neural network improved by the genetic algorithm is applied to the problem of environmental quality assessment. GA is used to optimize the initial weights of the BP neural network to make full use(More)
  • Chen Dan, Su Bo
  • 2009 Asia-Pacific Conference on Computational…
  • 2009
As times changes, computer technology has brought digital design in a virtual world. In the conceptual design and design development for the Phoenix International Media Center, software such as Rhino and Digital Projects were applied as a design platform, and the strong function of three dimensional modeling of computer was utilized to summarize experiences(More)
Water footprint (WF) is a comprehensive measure of water consumption by human activities and can be used to assess the impact on both water volume and quality. This study aims to explore the feasibility of evaluating green, blue and grey WFs of crop production based on field measurements. The irrigated paddy rice grown in three different experimental sites(More)
With the rapid development of Internet and mobile telecommunication technology, more and more people used mobile terminal to reading. The rapid development of mobile reading promoted the mobile publishing industry development. But there is no authoritative definition of mobile publishing. This paper firstly presented a kind definition of mobile publishing(More)