Chen Chang-Chun

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The effect of nucleoside transport inhibition on 24-hour preservation of canine hearts was studied in 36 hearts arrested either with a cold hyperkalemic cardioplegic solution without (group I) or with supplementation of a specific nucleoside transport inhibitor (R75231, 1 mg/L) (groups II and III). The hearts were excised and stored for 24 hours at 0.5(More)
The effects of pretreatment with the nucleoside transport inhibitor lidoflazine on repeated ischemia-reperfusion injury induced by normothermic intermittent aortic crossclamping were studied in canine hearts. Eighteen mongrel dogs were allocated to three groups: placebo (n = 6), lidoflazine (1 mg/kg) (n = 6), and lidoflazine (1 mg/kg) plus the adenosine(More)
Coronary reserve and contractile reserve were compared between crystalloid-perfused and bloodperfused rabbit hearts at various perfusion pressures (40–110mmHg). Contractile function of the crystalloidperfused hearts was dependent on the perfusion pressure, according to Gregg's phenomenon. Developed left ventricular pressure (LVP) increased from 67 ± 6 mmHg(More)
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