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OBJECTIVE To investigated the circulating microRNA expression profile in sepsis and its clinical evaluation. METHODS 70 patients with sepsis and 30 patients with SIRS were selected and their blood samples were collected. Using liquid bead array with 3 statistical analysis approaches analyzed the circulating microRNA expression profiles, for confirming the(More)
BACKGROUND There have been sporadic case reports published focusing on myoglobin and sepsis. However, there are no systematic studies evaluating the correlation between myoglobin level and sepsis. This study investigated the correlation between the serum myoglobin level and the severity of septic patients. Next, we assessed the predictive value of the serum(More)
The relationships of gastric cancer with serum trace elements, helicobacter pylori (HP) and COX-2 in gastric tissue were investigated. We took 50 blood samples from the gastric cancer patients in Hexi region (the gastric cancer group), and 50 blood samples from healthy volunteers (control group) and detected the level of trace elements, the rate of HP(More)
Hydrogen sulfide (H2S), the colorless gas with the smell of rotten eggs, has been regarded as a novel gaseous signaling molecule. Although H2S has been proved been involved into the cardiovascular functions, the cardiovascular functions of H2S within the nucleus tractus solitarii (NTS) are not clear. Unilateral microinjection of NaHS (2 to 200 pmol), a H2S(More)
The blood chemistry was studied in 140 spinal cord injury (SCI) patients (acute injury ward), including 18 patients who developed heterotopic ossification (HO). Comparisons between the HO and non-HO groups were made to determine if the alkaline phosphatase (AP), inorganic phosphorus (P), or calcium (Ca) levels were of diagnostic value. The results showed(More)
BACKGROUND Pancreatic fistula (PF) is the major cause for morbidity and mortality following pancreaticoduodenectomy. The primary aim of this study was to compare the occurrence rate of postoperative PF between isolated Roux-en-Y reconstruction (RYR) and conventional reconstruction (CR) after pancreaticoduodenectomy. METHODS Data of 43 patients who(More)
Salusin-α and salusin-β are newly identified bioactive peptides of 28 and 20 amino acids, respectively, that were initially predicted using in silico analyses and are widely distributed in the endocrine system, hematopoietic system, and central nervous system. The goal of our study was to investigate the cardiovascular effect of salusin-β microinjections(More)
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