Chen Ben-David

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The increased sensitivity of future radio telescopes will result in requirements for higher dynamic range within the image as well as better resolution and immunity to interference. In this paper, we propose a new matrix formulation of the imaging equation in the cases of non-co-planar arrays and polarimetric measurements. Then, we improve our parametric(More)
When serum of hypothyroid rats was fractionated on a Sephadex G-100 column, most of the immunoreactive TSH was found as a front running peak, together with the high molecular weight serum proteins. Similarly, a rTSH preparation (10 mU), chromatographed in the presence of 1 ml of normal rat serum also migrated at the front, however, when a high load of TSH(More)
The purpose of these studies was to examine whether thyroid stimulating antibodies in Graves' patients could arise as auto-antiidiotypic antibodies to endogenous anti-TSH antibodies. The model system chosen was the thyroidectomized mouse, exhibiting an elevated level of endogenous, circulating TSH. Mice were thyroidectomized by 131I administration. Sera(More)
Balb/C mice were immunized with bTSH (xenogeneic TSH) or extracts of Balb/C pituitaries (containing syngeneic TSH), either intracutaneously with Freund's adjuvant or intrasplenically. After bTSH, all blood samples contained anti-TSH antibodies. Thyroid-stimulating activity was assayed on FRTL-5 cells. Of 80 sera from immunized mice, 33 induced an increase(More)
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