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Existence of solutions for a class of nonconvex differential inclusions
We prove the existence of solutions to the functional differential inclusion of the form where is a Carathéodory function and an upper semicontinuous multifunction with compact values in a HilbertExpand
A Maximum Principle for the Controlled Sweeping Process
We consider the free endpoint Mayer problem for a controlled Moreau process, the control acting as a perturbation of the dynamics driven by the normal cone, and derive necessary optimality conditionsExpand
Necessary conditions for a nonclassical control problem with state constraints
Abstract We consider the problem of minimizing the cost h ( x ( T )) at the endpoint of a trajectory x subject to the finite dimensional dynamics ẋ ϵ - N c ( x ) + f ( x, u ), x (0) = x 0 , where NcExpand
On Evolution Equations Having Hypomonotonicities of Opposite Sign Governed by Sweeping Processes
We prove the local existence of solutions of a sweeping process involving a locally prox-regular set of constraints with an upper semicontinuous set-valued perturbation contained in the Clarke subdifferential of a nonconvex function. Expand