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The cases of two sisters with late infantile Hallervorden-Spatz disease are reported, one of whom has died. Autopsy of the deceased patient showed typical pallidal lesions, such as axonal spheroids and iron deposits, without involvement of the substantia nigra. Ultrastructural examination revealed that pallidal axonal enlargements consisted of collection of(More)
Ongoing clinical trials, in regenerative therapy of patients suffering from myocardial infarctions, rely primarily upon administration of bone marrow stem cells to the infarcted zones. Unfortunately, low retention of these cells, to the therapeutic delivery sites, reduces effectiveness of this strategy; thus it has been identified as the most critical(More)
Myocardial infarctions constitute a major factor contributing to non-natural mortality world-wide. Clinical trials ofmyocardial regenerative therapy, currently pursued by cardiac surgeons, involve administration of stem cells into the hearts of patients suffering from myocardial infarctions. Unfortunately, surgical acquisition of these cells from bone(More)
BACKGROUND Immunotherapy of patients suffering from the human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 overexpressing (HER-2(+)) breast cancers with the anti-HER-2 antibodies results in increase of the patients' overall survival. However, no prophylactic vaccine is available against HER-2(+) breast cancers. Although, prophylactic vaccine for human hepatitis B(More)
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