Chelsea R. Brown

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V2a interneurons of the ventral spinal cord and hindbrain play an important role in the central pattern generators (CPGs) involved in locomotion, skilled reaching, and respiration. However, sources of V2a interneurons for in vitro studies are limited. In this study, we developed a differentiation protocol for V2a interneurons from mouse embryonic stem cells(More)
A common problem with using embryonic stem (ES) cells as a source for analysis of gene expression, drug toxicity, or functional characterization studies is the heterogeneity that results from many differentiation protocols. The ability to generate large numbers of high purity differentiated cells from pluripotent stem cells could greatly enhance their(More)
BACKGROUND Health-related quality of life (QOL) is a key outcome for people with multiple sclerosis (MS). While modifiable lifestyle factors, like smoking, physical activity and vitamin D, have strong associations with development and progression of MS, few studies have examined such associations with QOL. METHODS Using patient-reported data from 2312(More)
Challenges in parsing specific contributions to spinal microcircuit architecture have limited our ability to model and manipulate those networks for improved functional regeneration after injury or disease. While spinal interneurons (INs) have been implicated in driving coordinated locomotor behaviors, they constitute only a small percentage of the spinal(More)
OBJECTIVE Emerging evidence links modifiable lifestyle risk factors to disease progression in multiple sclerosis (MS). We sought further evidence around this hypothesis through detailed analysis of the association with disability of lifestyle behaviours of a large international sample of people with MS. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 2469 people with MS(More)
BACKGROUND Household studies of influenza-like illness (ILI) afford opportunities to study determinants of respiratory virus transmission. OBJECTIVES We examined predictors of ILI transmission within households containing at least two children. METHODS A prospective cohort study recorded ILI symptoms daily for 2712 adult and child participants during(More)
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