Chelsea Kelling

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Epithelial renewal in skin is achieved by the constant turnover and differentiation of keratinocytes. Three popular hypotheses have been proposed to explain basal keratinocyte regeneration and epidermal homeostasis: 1) asymmetric division (stem-transit amplifying cell); 2) populational asymmetry (progenitor cell with stochastic fate); and 3) populational(More)
A thorough understanding of the routes and magnitudes of chemical exposures that consumers experience during the use of a household product is needed as part of a well-founded risk assessment for that product and its components. This review describes some sources of generic consumer data (eg, relevant body weight or total body surface area for a given human(More)
In our study we explored how to design a biography of a late Finnish artist as a VR experience. We conducted a development process assisted by user experience (UX) design methods, which increased the process efficiency, and resulted in a research prototype. Through previous research and our development process, we identified components affecting the user(More)
The efficacy and safety of a gene-deleted bovine herpesvirus-1 (BHV-1) vaccine was determined in a bovine herpesvirus challenge trial in calves. Three different doses of the vaccine were administered intramuscularly at 10(5), 10(6) and 10(7) PFU/ml and compared to a commercial vaccine and non vaccinated control calves. Challenge was performed by intranasal(More)
Stress and anxiety impact almost everyone at some point in life. In the most severe cases the effects can be extremely detrimental to overall health and everyday life. However, two thirds of those suffering go untreated. <i>Good Vibes</i> was created to aid those who suffer from stress regardless of whether they receive professional help. The system(More)
With the rapid advancement and development of emerging technologies, more in-depth understanding of user interactions and experiences are needed. In this study, we explored the reactions, impressions, and emotions elicited by a 360-degree video that markets an airport and local attractions for a distant destination. Differences in presence and viewing(More)
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