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Beyond power laws: a new approach for analyzing single molecule photoluminescence intermittency.
The photoluminescence intermittency (PI) exhibited by single emitters has been studied for over a decade. To date, the vast majority of PI analyses involve parsing the data into emissive andExpand
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Proton transfer and photoluminescence intermittency of single emitters in dyed crystals.
The role of proton transfer in the photoluminescence intermittency (PI) of single molecules of violamine R (VR) overgrown in potassium acid phthalate (KAP) crystals is evaluated in comparisons ofExpand
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Photoluminescence Intermittency from Single Quantum Dots to Organic Molecules: Emerging Themes
Recent experimental and theoretical studies of photoluminescence intermittency (PI) or “blinking” exhibited by single core/shell quantum dots and single organic luminophores are reviewed. For quantumExpand
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Measuring the spatial distribution of dielectric constants in polymers through quasi-single molecule microscopy.
The variation in dielectric constant is measured for thin films of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) and poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) using confocal fluorescence microscopy. Spatial variation inExpand
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Dielectric Dependence of Single-Molecule Photoluminescence Intermittency: Nile Red in Poly(vinylidene fluoride)
The dependence of single-molecule photoluminescence intermittency (PI) or “blinking” on the local dielectric constant (ε) is examined for nile red (NR) in thin films of poly(vinylidene fluoride)Expand
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Imaging the effects of annealing on the polymorphic phases of poly(vinylidene fluoride).
The effect of annealing on the phase transformation and the dielectric properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride) (PVDF) is explored using quasi-single molecule (quasi-SM) microscopy. The solvatochromicExpand
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New tools for elucidating the environmental origins of single molecule photoluminescence intermittency
Abstract New experimental and analysis methods for investigating the role local environment has on photoluminescence intermittency (PI) exhibited by single luminophores are presented. Quasi-singleExpand
New Methods for Investigating the Interplay of Photoluminescence Intermittency and Local Dielectric Constant
New Methods for Investigating the Interplay of Photoluminescence Intermittency and Local Dielectric Constant
Single-molecule studies of proton transfer in guest-host materials
Although the promise of organic materials for a variety of photonic applications has been recognized for some time, the wide-spread use of these materials is limited by photochemical processes thatExpand