Chelsea E. Harris

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We describe a woman with complete hypogonadotropic hypogonadism and a new compound heterozygous mutation of the GnRH receptor (GnRHR) gene. A null mutation L314X leading to a partial deletion of the seventh transmembrane domain of the GnRHR is associated with a Q106R mutation previously described. L314X mutant receptor shows neither measurable binding nor(More)
Immunosuppressed Swiss Black mice deficient in surfactant protein A (SP-A(-/-)) and wild-type control mice (SP-A(+/+)) were exposed to Pneumocystis carinii by environmental exposure, intratracheal inoculation, and direct exposure to other infected animals. The frequency and intensity of P. carinii infection were significantly greater in the SP-A(-/-) mice(More)
The maximal calcium-activated isometric tension produced by a skinned frog single muscle fiber falls off as the ionic strength of the solution bathing this fiber is elevated declining to zero near 0.5 M as the ionic strength is varied using KCl. When other neutral salts are used, the tension always declines at high ionic strength, but there is some(More)
Adenovirus-polylysine-DNA complexes were evaluated for their capacity to accomplish direct in vivo gene transfer to airway epithelium employing a rodent model. Binary complexes containing transferrin or adenovirus, or combination complexes containing both transferrin and adenovirus, were evaluated. The highest in vitro gene transfer efficiency in primary(More)
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) have been of recent interest as adjuncts for ligament repair. However, the effect of these cells on the resident ligament fibroblasts has not yet been defined. In this study, we hypothesized that co-culture of MSCs and ligament fibroblasts would result in increases in the proliferative rate of the ligament fibroblasts and their(More)
A variety of methods have been utilized for gene transfer to the cells of the airway epithelium. These have included DNA-mediated mechanisms of gene transfer as well as recombinant viral vectors. Despite the availability of these methods, limitations in their utility warrant the development of alternate systems. As an alternative, receptor-mediated(More)
We derive spatially resolved stellar kinematics for a sample of 84 out of 104 observed local (0.02 < z < 0.09) galaxies hosting type-1 active galactic nuclei (AGNs), based on long-slit spectra obtained at the 10 m W. M. Keck-1 Telescope. In addition to providing central stellar velocity dispersions, we measure major axis rotation curves and velocity(More)
We create a baseline of the black hole (BH) mass (MBH)—stellar-velocity dispersion (σ) relation for active galaxies, using a sample of 66 local ( z 0.02 0.09 < < ) Seyfert-1 galaxies, selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). Analysis of SDSS images yields AGN luminosities free of host-galaxy contamination, and morphological classification. 51/66(More)
Some active galactic nuclei (AGN) are surrounded by extended emission-line regions (EELRs), which trace both the illumination pattern of escaping radiation and its history over the light travel time from the AGN to the gas. From a new set of such EELRs, we present evidence that the AGN in many Seyfert galaxies undergo luminous episodes 0.2–2 ×105 years in(More)