Chelsea A. Reid

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The quality of indexing of periodicals in a bibliographic data base cannot be measured directly, as there is no one "correct" way to index an item. However, consistency can be used to measure the reliability of indexing. To measure consistency in MEDLINE, 760 twice-indexed articles from 42 periodical issues were identified in the data base, and their(More)
Does activity on a social networking site (e.g., Facebook) increase grandiose narcissism? It was hypothesized that the type of activity (agentic vs. communal) might make a difference. In the first experiment, 88 males were randomly assigned to one of three computer activity conditions (agentic Facebook activity, communal Facebook activity, control computer(More)
► Affective forecasting about transgressions showed an overestimation level bias. ► However, individuals correctly forecast that perpetrators would feel worse than victims. ► Empathic forecasts also revealed an overestimation bias. ► Moreover, a role bias (victim versus perpetrator) was evident for empathic forecasts. a b s t r a c t a r t i c l e i n f o(More)
The present work applies and extends balance theory by examining the role of relevance of issue to the relationship in balance theory processes within the context of workplace relationships. In Experiment 1, a sample of working adults (N = 81) reported greater job tension when self-supervisor dissimilarity involved a relationship-relevant (vs.(More)
Does attitude alignment predict attraction? Would you like a stranger more who shifts her/his attitudes to more closely align with yours? In pairs, participants (N = 77) discussed social issues about which they disagreed and received false feedback on whether the partner engaged in attitude alignment (shifted her/his attitudes toward the participant's(More)
Librarians have often questioned the usefulness of the proceedings of biomedical meetings. Because articles in proceedings are similar to journal articles, the usefulness of the two were compared. Thirty-two monographic cardiovascular proceedings were compared to thirty-five cardiovascular journals, all published in 1978. Citations to the articles in these(More)
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