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A Survey of Machine Scheduling Problems with Blocking and No-Wait in Process
An important class of machine scheduling problems is characterized by a no-wait or blocking production environment, where there is no intermediate buffer between machines. Expand
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Parallel machine scheduling with a common server
This paper considers the nonpreemptive scheduling of a given set of jobs on several identical, parallel machines, under a variety of assumptions about setup and processing times. Expand
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On Throughput Maximization in Constant Travel-Time Robotic Cells
We consider the problem of scheduling operations in bufferless robotic cells that produce identical parts. Expand
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Sequencing and Scheduling in Robotic Cells: Recent Developments
A great deal of work has been done to analyze the problem of robot move sequencing and part scheduling in robotic flowshop cells. Expand
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Minimizing Cycle Time in a Blocking Flowshop
We consider a blocking (i.e., bufferless) flowshop that repetitively processes a minimal part set to minimize its cycle time, or equivalently to maximize its throughput rate. Expand
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Scheduling in Dual Gripper Robotic Cells for Productivity Gains
We study the problem of scheduling robot moves in dual gripper robot cells in a bufferless environment. Expand
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Scheduling in Robotic Cells: Classification, Two and Three Machine Cells
This paper considers the scheduling of operations in a manufacturing cell that repetitively produces a family of similar parts on two or three machines served by a robot. Expand
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The Integrated Production and Transportation Scheduling Problem for a Product with a Short Lifespan
An optimal solution to PTSP requires one to simultaneously solve the production scheduling and the transportation routing problems, which requires excessive computational time, even for relatively small problems. Expand
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A review of TSP based approaches for flowshop scheduling
We show that the TSP based approach is quite effective over a broad range of flowshop scheduling problems, including no-wait, blocking, and robotic flowshops. Expand
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Lot streaming and scheduling heuristics for m -machine no-wait flowshops
Abstract The objective of this paper is to minimize makespan in m -machine no-wait flowshops with multiple products requiring lot streaming. A ‘product’ here implies many identical items. ‘LotExpand
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