Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba Seck

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Contraceptive use in Senegal is among the lowest in the world and has barely increased over the past 5 years, from 10% of married women in 2005 to 12% in 2011. Contraceptive stockouts in public facilities, where 85% of women access family planning services, are common. In 2011, we conducted a supply chain study of 33 public-sector facilities in Pikine and(More)
BACKGROUND Although the majority of postpartum women indicate a desire to delay a next birth, family planning (FP) methods are often not offered to, or taken up by, women in the first year postpartum. This study uses data from urban Senegal to examine exposure to FP information and services at the time of delivery and at child immunization appointments and(More)
A new species of Spirura is described from the stomach of Heliosciurus gambianus and Xerus erythropus (Sciuridae). Considering the number of preanal papillae of males, Babero (1973 ) and Giannetto and Canestri Trotti (1995) proposed the subdivision of the genus into 2 groups; those with 4 pairs of preanal papillae (25 species) and with more than 4 pairs of(More)
Given Senegal's limited resources, the country receives substantial support from externally funded partner organizations to provide family planning and maternal and child health services. These organizations often take a strong and sometimes independent role in implementing interventions with their own structures and personnel, thereby bypassing the(More)
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