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A policy-based management system is only really useful if it allows not only high level description of abstract policy, but also enables such policy to be refined and eventually mapped into an appropriate configuration for controlling devices in the managed system. Such a full integration has only been discussed in the literature but not realised so far.(More)
In order to manage the use of roles for the purpose of access control, it is important to look at attributes beyond the consideration of capability assignment. Fundamentally, a generic attribute description using a constraint-based approach will allow many of the important aspects of role, such as scope, activation and deactivation, to be included.(More)
system management, policy-based, management requirements The use of policy in system management is increasingly being recognised as a very important part of a more advanced approach to making IT administration less daunting. However, despite the many excellent papers that have emerged in the last few years proposing ways of doing management with policy, the(More)
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